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jscalendar release notes

This release compiled at Monday, 7 Mar 2005 (19:06).



Wow, there were quite some changes :-D Enjoy it!


This release's primary goal is to fix a wrong license statement which can be found in some files from 0.9.4. For instance in README or calendar.js, the statement was that the code is distributed under the GNU GPL; that's because I had plans to change the license, then changed my mind but unfortunately I committed files so. I am sorry for this inconvenience, please use the latest (0.9.5) release which is fully covered by LGPL.

Other changes:


New stuff

Translation files

The translation files need to be updated in order for the calendar to work properly. Currently the only updated files are calendar-en.js (main file) and calendar-ro.js (well, yes, I am a Romanian ;-).

Specifically, they need the following:

If your favorite language is not there yet, or it is but not updated according to the main calendar-en.js file, then please consider translating calendar-en.js and send the translation back to me so that I include it in the official distribution.

Bug status

Check SourceForge, I didn't keep track. However, there were a lot of bugfixes.


New stuff

Bug status

This covers only those bugs that have been reported at SourceForge.

  1. #703,238 — fixed
  2. #703,814 — fixed
  3. #716,777 — closed (was fixed already in 0.9.2-1)
  4. #723,335 — fixed
  5. #715,122 — feature request; implemented.
  6. #721,206 — fixed (added "refresh()" function)
  7. #721,833 — fixed (bug concerning the "yy" format parsing)
  8. #721,833 — won't fix (we won't set the time to midnight; time might actually be useful when we implement support for time selection).

Mihai Bazon
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