Here is a list of presentations I have given here and there.

  • Cos’è un lessico affettivo. L’esperienza di Sentix Workshop “Sentiment Analysis in Agricoltura”, CREA Rome, 19/2/2020 PDF

  • Creating a Commonsense Knowledge Base about Objects SAILab Seminar, University of Siena, 12/2/2020 PDF

  • Computational Linguistics against Hate: Resources, Models, and Evaluation to Monitor and Contrast Abusive Language Online CISA Seminar, University of Edinburgh, 2/12/2019 PDF

  • Hate Speech Detection Video lecture, University of Teheran, 30/7/2019 PDF

  • Not on my (Neural) Watch: Automatic Detection of Hate Speech in Social Media ExMachinaConf 2019, Casalecchio, 25/1/2019 PDF

  • Calcolare opinioni e controversialità (Italian) DipInfo si racconta, University of Turin, 11/1/2019 PDF

  • Semantic Parsing and Beyond to Create a Commonsense Knowledge Base University of Rome “Tor Vergata”, 11/4/2018 PDF

    Institute for Language and Information Science, University of Düsseldorf, 19/4/2018 PDF

  • Commonsense Knowledge Bases LCL Reading Group, University of Rome “La Sapienza”, 23/11/2017 PDF

  • ALOOF: Autonomous Learning of the Meaning of Objects CREOL @ JOWO 2017, Free University of Bolzano, 23/9/2017 HTML

  • Building a default knowledge base of objects (and other stories of robots) University of Turin, 16/11/2016 PDF

  • Meaning Banking and Beyond University of Montreal, 18/11/2015 PDF

  • From Semantics to… Semantics: Adventures in Meaning Banking and other stories INRIA, Sophia Antipolis, 2/10/2015 PDF

  • Sentiment Analysis on Twitter: The Case of Italian Language EURECOM, Sophia Antipolis, 28/8/2015 HTML

  • Linguistic Games for Semantic Annotation: the Case of Wordrobe Digital Humanities Seminar, FBK Trento, 15/12/2014

  • Bad habits in academic code [PyGrunn], Groningen, 9/5/2014 PDF

  • Giochi linguistici per annotazione semantica (Italian) Digital Culture seminar, University of Pisa, 28/4/2014 PDF

  • You tweet, I vote. A computer-assisted analysis of the political communication of 2012 Dutch political election Talk at the Digital Humanities pitches, University of Groningen, 17/4/2014 PDF

  • The Groningen Meaning Bank Talk at TALN, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, 27/11/2013 PDF

  • Offspring from Reproduction Problems: What Replication Failure Teaches Us. (2013) From the paper by Antske Fokkens, Marieke van Erp, Marten Postma, Ted Pedersen, Piek Vossen, Nuno Freire Informatiekunde Reading Group on 6/9/2013. PDF

  • Valerio Basile, Johan Bos (2013): Aligning Formal Meaning Representations with Surface Strings for Wide-Coverage Text Generation. Talk at the 14th European Workshop on Natural Language Generation, pp 1–9, Sofia, Bulgaria PDF

  • Deep Meaning Annotation Project. For the Interchange seminar held by the Graduate School of Humanities, University of Groningen 31/5/2013. PDF

  • V. Basile, M. Nissim (2013): Sentiment analysis on Italian tweets. Talk at the 4th Workshop on Computational Approaches to Subjectivity, Sentiment and Social Media Analysis. PDF

  • A General-Purpose Machine Learning Method for Tokenization and Sentence Boundary Detection (2013) Computational Linguistics in the Netherlands, Enschede, Netherlands PDF

  • Tokenization: Returning to a long solved problem: A survey, Contrastive Experiment, Recommendations, and Toolkit (2012) From the paper by Rebecca Dridan & Stephan Oepen Informatiekunde Reading Group on 15/6/2012. PDF

  • Entailment above the word level in distributional semantics. (2012) From the paper by Marco Baroni, Raffaella Bernardi, Ngoc-Quynh Do, Chung-chieh Shan Informatiekunde Reading Group on 14/9/2012. PDF

  • Clustering for Massive Datasets. (2012) From the book Mining of Massive Datasets, by Rajaraman & Ullman, Chapter 7. Informatiekunde Reading Group on 24/2/2012. PDF

  • V. Basile, J. Bos (2011): Towards Surface Realisation from Discourse Representation Structures. Computational Linguistics In the Netherlands, Tilburg, Netherlands. PDF


WordNet as an Ontology for Generation A Lesk-inspired Unsupervised Algorithm for Lexical Choice from WordNet Synsets Gamification for Word Sense Labeling Elephant: Sequence Labeling for Word and Sentence Segmentation